Mercury retrograde – let the games begin!

It’s that time of year again when things get crazy. I am talking about the astrological phenomenon called Mercury in retrograde.

Mercury entered retrograde, appearing to turn the opposite direction in relation to other planets within its solar system, for the first time in 2018 ast approximately 7:19 p.m. ET on Thursday. It will remain in that position until April 15th.

The planet is not actually moving backwards. It just appears to be skating in reverse. Though many scientists disagree that this is a thing, it gives you something to blame when your computer or cell phone messes up, communication gets fouled up or appointments are missed.  The best advice I have received about mercury retrograde to is triple check anything to do with communication during this time period.



Update on my cancer treatment

I am re-posting my latest journal entry from my Caring Bridge page, so that if you follow my blog or my Facebook page you will be in the loop.

My latest CT and bone scans revealed new bone tumors. In addition, my cancer antigen numbers are way up. Based on these results my doctors have decided to change course again. After 19 months on a clinical trial I will be moving from those meds to a hormone treatment called Faslodex.

Cancer adapts to medications and eventually becomes less effective. Like any chronic illness, changes to treatment need to be made occasionally. So is the case for me.

If you know me you are aware that I am a “glass half full” person, so here are some things I am grateful for right now:
-The wonderful care I am receiving and have received from Drs. Dees and Moore
-The fact that the clinical trial kept my cancer under control for 19 months
-That I am doing as well as I am and tolerating the medications well
-That I will be going back to Rex Cancer Center to see Dr. Moore and the wonderful staff and nurses there. They are some of the most lovely health care professionals I have ever met. UNC Cancer Hospital in Chapel Hill does a fantastic job and the professionals there are very dedicated. I am amazed that they are able to treat so many patients and do such an excellent job.
-I am grateful for my wonderful husband, Gary, my sweet dogs, Stella and Rocky, my Dad and other family members, plus the best and most supportive friends ever. My heart is touched everyday by the kindness and caring of the people in my life.

I am happy to report that I will be doing some fun things on my bucket list this year, too!  Stay tuned for updates on those adventures!

Life is good and I am a very fortunate person.


Need your input – Stretchy jeans that don’t stretch out

It’s been a while since I blogged. I have been busy making plans for my #1 bucket list item.  More on that soon, but today I need your help. I have been trying to find a pair of jeans that have a little stretch in them but that won’t stretch out within a couple hours of wearing them.  I have been asking around and researching it and all I have come up with so far is that possibly more expensive jeans that are made of better quality material might be the answer.  It irks me to have to pay more than $35 for a pair of jeans, but I might make an exception if I know that the jeans will retain their shape while not cutting me in half when I sit down.

Please comment back to me and let me know if you have found a pair of jeans that are comfortable yet hold their shape.

Thank you! 😄

Gratitude can change your life

Brrrr! It’s cold outside today.  During these cold and sometimes dreary days of winter it is easy to get down. Over the past 3 years I have used gratitude to get through these grey days of winter.  Gratitude has also helped me get through the rough days during my cancer treatment and I still use it today when I am not feeling well.

Here is how it works. Once you realize you are feeling down stop and immediately think of three to five things that you are grateful for right now. It doesn’t have to be anything big.  It can be something as small as the sun being out or being warm and cozy on your sofa or bed. You might want to write these things down so you can look back and see what you have been grateful for in the past.  I truly believe that the act of being grateful chemically changes your brain and can help turn your mood around.

Right now, I am grateful to be warm on this cold day and for these two creatures!

Rocky and Stella 🐾💕


These pups have become my emotional support animals! I love them both so much and enjoy spending my days with them.

Anybody who knows me also knows that I also believe in what I call ‘LFT’s’ or things to look forward to.  I always have something, big or small, to look forward to. It can be something small, like looking forward to watching a TV show or movie or a get together with friends, to something big like a trip. There have been times when my LFT was that I was going to have a good piece of chocolate!

Regardless of what you are greatful for or what your LFT’s are I urge you to give it a try.

Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of February?!

Big pasta cooking time saver!

When I find something that makes my life easier I want to share it with you!  A while back I bought a microwave pasta cooker. It’s made by a company called Lekue. I bought mine on Amazon but the link to the company’s USA web site is

Here is a picture of the pasta cooker:


This product has revolutionized the way I cook pasta so much so that I am giving away my pasta pot! All you do is put the pasta in the cooker, cover it with water, microwave it for the time the directions say to boil it on the box and drain it after it is finished cooking. No more waiting for the water to boil.  Clean up is easy and the pasta is perfect.

I also have their microwave popcorn popper which makes the best popcorn ever in 2.5 minutes. I have tried many different poppers and ways to make popcorn and this $20 silicone popcorn popper is the best (I actually researched it before I bought it).

In addition I have a silicone muffin pan which I like a lot, too. If you get any of these or have info on other time savers please let me know.

Nightly routine

64D27C4A-9598-43EF-9B99-947EC5288255While getting my regular checkup as a part of the clinical trial I am participating in at UNC Cancer Hospital recently I was explaining my night time routine to the Fellow who was assisting my doctor. It became humorous because it’s so long and extensive!  The Fellow recommended I post this crazy routine so here goes.

After brushing my teeth I then go into “face” mode, toning and applying various anti aging products on my face, neck and eyes. Then, I apply lash boost (which is working) to the base of my eyelashes. Next are eye drops, Flonase and sometimes a bit of vitamin C oil around the eyes and on the ends of my hair.

I then take my bedtime pills.

I fill my humidifier and diffuser with water and add my nighttime essential oil to the diffuser.

Next I have to get my dog Stella to move off my side of the bed. It can sometimes take a few minutes to end the standoff. 🐾💕

Once I am in bed I apply moisturizer all over my body, then I put oil of oregano and frankensense essential oils on the bottom of my feet followed by foot cream. (Oil or oregano is supposed to help with immunity and frankensense allegedly helps with a number of things including cancer)

I have prescription cream for my fingertips because one of my oral chemo meds makes my fingers peel and split (very painful!).

Finally, I turn on my Himalayan salt lamp and dim it so I can sleep, turn off the room lights, take a final sip of water and turn on my ocean sounds.  If there are no hot flashes I will usually fall asleep within 10-20 minutes because after all of that I am exhausted!! 😴